Three Dimensional Ministry

The following is a summary of Fr. Tom’s vision for Holy Family in 2023. It is a summary of his address to the Annual Meeting, January 22nd, 2023.

“Three-Dimensional Ministry” is a concept I learned from our neighbor Nate Simons. To be a disciple of Jesus is to deepen our relationships with 1: God 2: Fellow Disciples 3: Our Neighbors. The short hand for this is “Up, In, Out.” We pray, plan, and work to deepen these dimensions – and I believe it sets up the conditions for parish growth – in depth, numbers, and reach.

How do we apply this? As your pastor, I am inviting you to pay special attention to the three dimensions – one at a time – season by season:

1. Lent – Up – working on our relationship to God. Practicing spiritual disciplines.

2. Easter – In – working on relationships with fellow parishioners – taking time as a congregation to identify common mission and goals

3. Summer – Out – working to deepen relationships with neighbors and friends – taking advantage of warm weather to have outdoor services and times of fellowship and activities for families with children.

4. Fall – (3D Integrated) – having gone through these steps. We launch some form of organized community building and evangelism – whether it is a “Tables of 8” model or a program like “Alpha.” The parish will discern this together in step 2.

So what do I mean by a “Holy Lent?”  The answer I’d give comes in three dimensions (no surprise there again: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving. And these classic categories align perfectly with the “up, in, out” model.  There will be special opportunities for you to pray more, to learn more about Christ; and resources will be available for you to use on your own.  I will be launching a “Lenten Guide” at the Pancake Supper – with daily suggestions, as well as weekly opportunities, and season specific programs

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