November Gratitude Challenge pt. 1

Some say that the stress of the world in the last two years has led to increase in complaining and grumbling in our daily lives. Complaint can be a massive unifying force. For the people of God, this must not be so. In November, a month associated with Thanksgiving Day, let’s disrupt grumbling with gratitude. Each week will have a different focus – some area of life that causes us to complain without even thinking.

Week One: Relationships. We can get into a bad habit of grumbling even about the people we love. Here are some daily tips. Come back next week to get more daily challenges on the topic of chores.

All Saints Day – Remember heroic Christians from history. Who is your favorite?

All Souls Day – Remember a loved one now with the Lord. Let their example inspire you today.

Thur. Nov 3. Those with Whom You Live – Say a specific prayer for everyone in your household, apartment, or street.

Fri. Nov 4. Friends and Family at a distance – Do something to reach out to these people in your life: a text, a call, a card…be creative.

Sat. Nov 5: Play! Spend some amount of time each Saturday doing something you love just for the fun of it.

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