All Saints and All Souls

This is Fr. Tom’s November 2017 newsletter column.

November begins with the dual celebrations of All Saints and All Souls. All Saints is when we remember those whose life and faith were marked with a heroic witness. Knowledge of their acclaim naturally spread far and wide.  They are remembered to inspire the entire church.  But on All Souls, we acknowledge that all faithful departed share in the hope of heaven and the life everlasting-be they our spouse, a parent, our child, another friend or parishioner whomever they are.  Perhaps the wider church does not know their names or their own heroic deeds of faith in this life, but they can inspire us, the people to whom they were known. Each day that I’ve walked from the rectory to the office, when I pass the memorial garden I say a quiet “thanks guys” to those who have been laid to rest there. They are a representation of our faithfully departed; who gave so much to the mission of Holy Family and the ministries we continue to support, such as the Health Clinic.  I acknowledge we carry on the tradition they have begun. I know they desire that we discover our own opportunities to heroic witnesses of God’s love and power in days and times. Today when you pray, give thanks for someone faithfully departed who has inspired you.

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